Shopping at EBay is not THAT safe

I have been buying on line since I started to work in 2000.I do not remember when I start to use EBay, it was a long time ago in Brazil. Most time it works well. When I moved to New York in 2014, I had to create a new account and that is why I cannot say exactly when I did my first purchase. I`ve met good sellers, however sometimes I find people who want to fool the costumers and every time when I complain because I have a problem, I had my money back. It was like that until today.

I bought two sets of bikini from the same seller thanks4giving and I had two different problems:


I bought this silver bikini. Swimwear Swimsuit Monokini Beachwear Women Bikini Set Bandage Push Up Padded Bra

It is shine; the panty has hang gliding shape. I was excited to receive it, but when I opened the parcel, I saw this bikini on left. On pale gray color, the fabric had no shine, it was so thin that looks like a lining fabric. The rough elastic and the unrelated sizes. The panty could fit a small child and the bra an obese woman. I left a bad review for the seller, I want that people do not be foolish, but EBay took it from the seller page. Seemly there is some kind of protection for the sellers, and Ebay might help then to hide the real reviews. That is why the seller has a good grade and it was the reason that I have bought from them!

However, after I complain, EBay returned my money.


I bought this beautiful velvet bikini. Swimwear Velvet Tankini Bra Womens Bikini Swimsuit Bathing 2pcs Set

Mysteriously I received a dress, a very ugly dress, on the left. I thought the seller might change the product, because the colors are similar. When I complain to the seller that I got a dress instead of a set of bikini he said he did not have this kind of dress, I should be sure that It came from him. I was 100% sure, because it came with another product from the same store.

Since he was denning his ugly dress, I asked that I wanted my money back. I did not receive any answer and I wrote a negative review for him. Then, he sent a message.

I answer him that I could remove the bad feedback if he refunded me. No answers and refunds until now. Therefore, I decided to open a case at EBay. The price of the product is not high, but I do not think this kind of seller should be able to do business while they are not honest. And I was surprised with this message from EBay:

So, instead of refund me, they deleted my review that could help another victims like me. I got so frustrate with the final decision. Since I have received something, I should return it TO CHINA!

Yes, as you can see on my post I have talked with the seller before. In addition, He promised the full refund, so I waited for that. It is sad that the EBay do not look each bad case individually. They should read the messages between the client and the seller to avoid this kind of coment.

To send a parcel to China from New York it is very expensive. I prefer to keep this “theft”. My biggest concern is that, if you buy a jewelry and the seller send to you a piece of paper, since he has the track number and he had sent something, you, the buyer has to pay the expenses. EBay is unfortunately not safe. Please, take care before you buy on it. I used to look the reviews, but now I realized even them are fake. Please, share this post.

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