Swiss Potato

I really love to cook, and this Suisse Potato is one of my specialty. I think it is my husband favorite dish (I am not couting Iranian food, because he loves the food from his homeland), but among the foods that I make, this is his favorite.
However, I am posting this recipe to my sister-in-law Fateme, I hope she can enjoy it.

Ingredients (crust):

  • 2 large/medium potatoes (700g)
  • Oil
  • 1 table spoon of chia (optional)
  • 1 table spoon of flex seeds (optional)
  • Pink salt (optional)

Ingredients (crust):

  • 226g of feta cheese
  • 50g of blue cheese
  • 1 tomato (280g)

First, I wash and cook the potatoes. In a saucepan, I fill it with water and I immerge the potatoes. The water has to cover the potatoes. When the water is boiling, I count 7 minutes and then I turn the flame off. This time is very important to have good results. If you cook more time, it will become a puree and if you cook less the taste will not be good.

Drain the water and let the potatoes cool down. When they are in room the temperature put it in the refrigerator to cool down even more. Do not peel the potatoes to add more vitamin to your dish.

When the potatoes are cold, you can go to the next step. Grate the potatoes in the thick part of your grater.

In a bowl, mix the grated potato with salt, chia and flex seeds. Reserve it.

Now, it is time to make the filling.

In a separated bowl grate the two types of cheeses and mix them with the chopped tomato. Your filling is done!

Now it is time to put your potato in a skillet.

Drip a drop of oil on your skillet. Spread the oil with a paper towel. Put the skillet on low fire. In addition, start to put the grated potato. Spread the potato with a fork to create a slim layer of potato. Try to cover the skillet with the grated potato, because the cheese that you are putting later can stick on the pan if it touch the metal.

After that, you should put the filling. This recipe is for two meals, so put half of the mix with cheese and tomato. It will be like the next picture:

The next stage is cover the filling with another layer of potato. Most probably, you will have some extra potato, keep it for another recipe. Do exactly the same way that you did before. Cover the skillet with lid and let it cook for 10-12 minutes in low fire.

When one side is cooked and golden, you have to rotate your Swiss Potato. You can rotate it in another skillet (do not forget to grease your skillet), our use a plate and rotate at the same skillet that you are using.

Cook it for more 10-12 minutes. Moreover, rotate the skillet content in a plate. It is ready to eat!

It is forbidden to be thin

Any reader of my blog knows it, I’ve been fighting against obesity for months. Losing weight after 30 is more difficult. Some people criticize me, but I’m not making any radical diet. Before, at the time of twenty-something I’d lost more than 20lb only eating less, today it is much grating. Some people think I’ve already “leaned” enough, but I believe that only we can decide when we might stop, when we reach our result. Obviously I’m not talking about serious cases like anorexia and bulimia!

Today they talk so much about plus size model! In real world a plus size model is not what we really call as plus size. The plus size model wears 8. Every time that I publish a plus size model in my timeline on Face Book girls are crazy, “if she was plus size, I’m what?” Probably somewhere between fat and obese! In addiction, I’d been in the line of obesity and I can say it, I do not think I was beautiful, I was not healthy and I was not specially happy! There are people who feel good fat, but I don’t feel ok in round shape.I have the right to be thin (or try to be thin).

other day Victoria’s Secret exhibited a campaign that was highly criticized. They placed several models and wrote “the perfect ‘body’.” Of course it was a pun between the body of the models, and the perfect body of lingerie.

Here in the US,they only had talked about it for while. Of course, the average size here is 14, the sizes 0 or 2, the model sizes, are almost intangible or practically. However, even when the challenge is too big, I can accept it. I was weighing almost 80lb more than any Victoria’s Secret Angel, when I decided I do not want this overweight life. It was my first step to change.

I am indignant when we are forced to accept that fat is cool. No, it’s not nice! It is not sexually attractive. You eat a lot of junk, your skin looks bad. You do not exercise, you’re limp. Your options are less intelligent, you spend more time at home than doing any activity. Comes laziness and soon, their productivity decreases. For a fat, even climbing stairs is a challenge, I had had that experience. I want to have the perfect body.