JLM Couture


On Octuber 9, 2015, I worked for JLM Couture on their backstage. It took place at Metropolitan Pavilion WEST, 639 W46th St@12th Ave across from the Intrepid. This show had three designers Miss Hayley Paige, Lazaro Perez and Jessica Williams.


Em 9 de outubro de 2015 trabalhei nos bastidores do desfile da JLM Couture. O evento aconteceu no Metropolitan Pavilion WEST, 639 W46th St@12th Ave em frente ao Intrepid. Esse show teve a presença de três designers Miss Hayley Paige, Lazaro Perez e Jessica Williams.

 designers Lazaro_Bridal

Lazaro’s brides.

miss hayley paige - red carpet miss hayley paige

Paige’s Dresses.

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