I Am Addicted to Protein Products

And probably I am not alone in this! I am a Gold customer of GNC, that famous shop that sells a lot of proteins products and others nutritional items. I entered the store webpage to do a search on how many branches they have in part of New York. You can see the result below:

No wonder that we find shops almost in each block in Midtown! Obviously GNV is not alone in this field. You can imagine how New Yorkers are in love with food supplements. In addition, it is very nice to have GNC around me everytime. I do my weekly grocery there. I have to eat protein products few times a day, I’m kind of addicted.

I’ve eaten several appetizers, several brands, several bars, various flavors … My favorite are:

I’d been buying the big pot of Lean Shake powder, those that we have to mix with water and voila! However, it wasn’t delicious. Every meal that I’d done with that shake, I felt very frustrated. Hence I’ve decided to test this Lean Shake replacing a meal! It is amazing because it has just 170 calories. Much better, especially when it is cold. My boyfriend also liked, but he prefers at room temperature.

My English teacher gave to me a bottler of Slim Fast last week. The flavor is also good, but it has less protein than Lean Shake, and more sugar, fat and carbohydrates. I will be with my old Lean Shake the GNC, yet! :)

Talking about cost-effective, Quest Bar is the best choice for a quick snack. It has several flavors, but I confess that after more than one year eating it, I’m a little sick!

The newest flavor of Quest Nutrition is Mint Chocolate Chunk. I have eaten a few times, it is nice. This flavor, for example, has 20g of proteins, 4 g carbohydrates, less than 1 g of sugar, 15g of fiber in 190 calories. That’s why it is so famous here in N. Other flavors have other nutritional values, but all a bit close. Success, right?

However, my new passion is the Power Crunch. I’d found it by following a fitness profile on Instagram. The girl was Brazilian and had imported a box of this bar, and she said it seemed Bis, a Brazilian chocolate.

I went to the nearest GNC and bought all the available flavors. My favorite bar is the Cookies & Cream. I gave it to my friends try and they also said it seemed like that Brazilian chocolate!

Unfortunately, it is not so healthy! It has 205 calories, 14g protein, 5g suggar (not bad) and 12g of fat. :( But it is gluten-free. :) I’ve been eaten a bar per day, I hope to get sick of it quickly, because I think this is messing up my weight loss. :(

I’d sent an email to the company, which is Canadian, suggesting that they could do a version of Lemon Bis, which is my favorite! They’d answered me! :( It broke my heart! I was hopeful to eat my favorite chocolate in the healthier option.

Everything isn’t perfect in supplementation world….

Besides that Lean Shake powder, GNC has the Lean Shake Burn, I’d tested all the flavors, they are horrible … the taste, the smell, everything … I’d lost weight, but it was a lot of costs, I also had stomachache. I do not recommend!

Does anyone has a favorite protein bar?


My Latest 1 Month Slimming Results & Review of Tight Lacing

Hello girls, I was anxious to write this post about my progress in the diet in the last month. Unfortunately, I gained 4 kg when my parents came to New York in March to visit me. We only ate in restaurants. After that I met Amanda, a girl there in Brazil, which is the thin but eats everything, specially junk food. We had lunch every day at restaurants for more than a month. Actually, she is a good girl. She has never dreamed to be a model, but she has model attributes. She has posed as model for me for a FIT’s project. She is 23 years old, 1.82m and 52 kg, she is my lovely guinea pig. <3

I am like most fat people the food has a huge psychological effect on me. I generally think so, if I ate pasta on lunch, I can eat pizza and ice cream as a dinner. Result? I had gained 9 poundst. Then, on May I started doing another diet. I was a little frustrated, even working out almost every day, even eating little, I lost 5,5 pounds! My body should be used to the diets I’ve been doing since last year, and unfortunately with the exercises as well. When I was around twenties, I used to lose more than 22 pounds in a month. Although the result is not expected, I will not give up. I will change my diet and maybe my exercises.

Above we have the photos from last moth, and bellow my current shape. :(

I lost little weight, that’s why you can’t see significant difference. However, I’m tanner. :)

Whenever we decided to close the mouth and begin a diet, we are heavily discouraged. I don’t know if they think we want to be skeletal… No, I don’t want that. Losing weight is beneficial for our health and aesthetics. Huge belly isn’t healthy! In addition, we have right of don’t be obese. Please, stop with advice!

Sometimes I’m upset with this diet because it is very difficult to lose weight after 30s. I can’t be discouraged for that, so I remember that I’ve lost so much weight, and now it is almost the end.

Another thing I’ve been doing is called tight lacing, which means  wear a tight corset around the waist. This is not new, the corset was popularized at the time of the discovery of America, after being used by Catherine de ‘Medici, an Italian woman who was queen of France. After that, it was as a mandatory women’s clothing for over 350 years. Nowadays corset is seen as a fetish piece and / or wore by the girls who want to fine tune the waist.

I’d bought my corset on Ebay and it arrived two days after my purchase. I live in New York. I started my training with the XL (extra large), which is that beige corset. In the second week I was closing it easily. The first time we wore it is very uncomfortable and we could not stay with that many hours. After while, we spend all day long with the corset easily, especially on cold days. Now I am wearing the L corset (large, the black,) but my goal is to be able to wear the small one. I’m almost closing my large piece. I’ve read that the first results came after six months that we started the corset training. Although when I’m with my corset I look good and  thinner when i remove it, everything returns to normal. Like a jelly. :(

In these collages, the first photo was one week before I started wearing the corset. In the middle photo, with the beige corsete, was the first day that I wore it. In the last photo, it is after a month wearing it. Now I just need to get that size without it. :)

For girls that are in the weight loss struggle like me, do not give up! It’s hard, but feeling beautiful is rewarding. Focus on that goal.


Casting for a Boyish Photo Shoot

I just got the Fashion Stylist Certificate at FIT, here in New York. I would love to enjoy the warmth and make some pictures for my portfolio, if you wanted work in collaboration, please contact me.

This editorial bellow is about boyish or tomboy style. It might be elegant and with tailoring clothes. I am thinking about really use men wardrobe to make it more interesting. The season is fall 2016. We are going to shoot it in 125th Street commuter train station, in Harlem, built in 1897, still with its original dark wood.

I have made a search on the internet to explain better what I am looking for in this photo-shoot. I am open for new ideas. :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more information deborawolf@gmail.com :*

The Ugliest Pants to Workout

These days I published on my Face Book wall a collage of my outfits for workout. To run I like running shorts, while to lifting I prefer legging pants , but WAIT in the picture bellow in the right I was not wearing legging pants. It supposed to be a legging pants, but I’m tall (5’11) and it is like a cropped trousers. (I’m not 100% sure about this name in English, I googled it!)

Despite the fact that I have a lanky body, this pants cut half of my shin and I look smaller (and weird) in the picture on the left. I’ve been trying to avoid this length of pants because I think it is very risk for almost all kind of shapes. It might work for tall girls in other situations. However I don’t think that matching with sneakers we will have a good result. Then, my advice to you is, do not workout with cropped trousers. They are ugly, they make you shorter, they steal your leg… I bought this piece in 1990’s, in Brazil and I still have it just because it was expensive. Few months ago my mother come to NYC to visit me, and I asked she to bring all my gym clothes. I wear at least 2 gym outfits per day, and the machines here in NY really destroy my clothes… so, I’ve been wearing these odd old pieces to save money and clothes, but now I realized how bad it is. :(

It is forbidden to be thin

Any reader of my blog knows it, I’ve been fighting against obesity for months. Losing weight after 30 is more difficult. Some people criticize me, but I’m not making any radical diet. Before, at the time of twenty-something I’d lost more than 20lb only eating less, today it is much grating. Some people think I’ve already “leaned” enough, but I believe that only we can decide when we might stop, when we reach our result. Obviously I’m not talking about serious cases like anorexia and bulimia!

Today they talk so much about plus size model! In real world a plus size model is not what we really call as plus size. The plus size model wears 8. Every time that I publish a plus size model in my timeline on Face Book girls are crazy, “if she was plus size, I’m what?” Probably somewhere between fat and obese! In addiction, I’d been in the line of obesity and I can say it, I do not think I was beautiful, I was not healthy and I was not specially happy! There are people who feel good fat, but I don’t feel ok in round shape.I have the right to be thin (or try to be thin).

other day Victoria’s Secret exhibited a campaign that was highly criticized. They placed several models and wrote “the perfect ‘body’.” Of course it was a pun between the body of the models, and the perfect body of lingerie.

Here in the US,they only had talked about it for while. Of course, the average size here is 14, the sizes 0 or 2, the model sizes, are almost intangible or practically. However, even when the challenge is too big, I can accept it. I was weighing almost 80lb more than any Victoria’s Secret Angel, when I decided I do not want this overweight life. It was my first step to change.

I am indignant when we are forced to accept that fat is cool. No, it’s not nice! It is not sexually attractive. You eat a lot of junk, your skin looks bad. You do not exercise, you’re limp. Your options are less intelligent, you spend more time at home than doing any activity. Comes laziness and soon, their productivity decreases. For a fat, even climbing stairs is a challenge, I had had that experience. I want to have the perfect body.

Active Wear for Famous Girls

The brands of active wear are growing quickly. We have established brands such as Nike and Adidas, and famous stores like Forever 21 and H&M selling sporty clothes very well. I love to buy famous brands at Century 21, T.J. Max, Marshall’s and Burlington with discount. I have a lot of Reebok top and shorts that I had paid less than 10 bucks. Do you know more stores with good deal?

Nowadays, active wear has left the clubs and embedded in our daily lives. A lot of girls do other activities with this kind of clothe. I go to school with gym clothes, because I always go to the gym after school. Others girls don’t even exercise, but they wear sport clothes. This attitude is  amazing for the business, and the active clothes is becoming less boring and more fashionable. Who disagree?

I have to confess, sometimes I spend one week with legging pants (or with running shorts). My case is so serious that when I wear normal clothes, with sandals, people praise me too much. That’s funny.

I was looking for some inspiration, because I’m not 100% fan of this style…

Adriana Lima is the most desired model by men now. She’s beautiful, exotic brunette clear eyes and exudes sensuality, right? She is the most famous Victoria’s Secret model, but to work out she is not a goddess. Anything new? No, just a lot of black, I also love the color to workout. Look that belly…

Alessandra Ambrosio also dare not much, but she plays more with colors and layers. She also likes spandex pants, I love this cloth… She is my favorite Angel.

Gisele Bundchen prefers going to the gym in a casual style. She probably changes the clothes in the gym. She likes to wear, top, legging pants and t-shirt… I also workout like that during the winter.

Gisele is one of richest women in the world, but she is always with the same sneaker. She used to me Victoria’s Secret model, now she quit.

Izabel Goulart is my muse. She likes to show her perfect belly. She is more fashionable. There isn’t secret to be an Angel. Exercise is the key. She is my favorite Victoria’s Secret model.

Kim Kardashian is very basic to woekout. She is very curvy, however I prefer really skinny girls like Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift  could be  model. She is tall and thin. She is always photographed here in New York leaving the gym like a princess. Super cute. Last week I bought a spandex shorts like these from Reebok, I’m anxious to run with it to see if it is good. I don’t like to run with legging. .

This girl is a hostess in a Brazilian tv show, she is very famous for her perfect butt, she is very basic to workout. I’ve been thinking about starting a active line, but I am not sure that people like someting different, specially because even the celebrities are so basic.

Trend Alert | Visors’ Season

Each day, New York is getting hotter. Summer is around the corner and outdoor activities are delightful. However, the sun might disrupt us. I run almost everyday at Astoria Park, and in my daily kit a visor is included.

Rihanna is the queen of the visor. On the beach or in other kind of sporty activities she loves visor.


The Rihanna’s visor is Fleet Ilya, it is different and cool, just the price that is not so friendly, just £180.00 and you can it buy here.

Below some pictures of girls with visors in the city.

Fabiana, photos bellow, is a fashion designer from Brazil. She has a cool store and she loves workout with visor. Isn’t it cute?

Visor is specially cool for outside activities. Running, skating, paddling or even walking with your dog.

They are nice for beach, I used to wear like that, now I don’t have a cool beach to go. Just Coney Island.

Do you like visor? Do you prefer it matchig with soports? Beach? Or just to walking around? For this summer, I had bought 2 visor at H&M:

I’m anxious to put it on my photo productions.