Swiss Potato

I really love to cook, and this Suisse Potato is one of my specialty. I think it is my husband favorite dish (I am not couting Iranian food, because he loves the food from his homeland), but among the foods that I make, this is his favorite.
However, I am posting this recipe to my sister-in-law Fateme, I hope she can enjoy it.

Ingredients (crust):

  • 2 large/medium potatoes (700g)
  • Oil
  • 1 table spoon of chia (optional)
  • 1 table spoon of flex seeds (optional)
  • Pink salt (optional)

Ingredients (crust):

  • 226g of feta cheese
  • 50g of blue cheese
  • 1 tomato (280g)

First, I wash and cook the potatoes. In a saucepan, I fill it with water and I immerge the potatoes. The water has to cover the potatoes. When the water is boiling, I count 7 minutes and then I turn the flame off. This time is very important to have good results. If you cook more time, it will become a puree and if you cook less the taste will not be good.

Drain the water and let the potatoes cool down. When they are in room the temperature put it in the refrigerator to cool down even more. Do not peel the potatoes to add more vitamin to your dish.

When the potatoes are cold, you can go to the next step. Grate the potatoes in the thick part of your grater.

In a bowl, mix the grated potato with salt, chia and flex seeds. Reserve it.

Now, it is time to make the filling.

In a separated bowl grate the two types of cheeses and mix them with the chopped tomato. Your filling is done!

Now it is time to put your potato in a skillet.

Drip a drop of oil on your skillet. Spread the oil with a paper towel. Put the skillet on low fire. In addition, start to put the grated potato. Spread the potato with a fork to create a slim layer of potato. Try to cover the skillet with the grated potato, because the cheese that you are putting later can stick on the pan if it touch the metal.

After that, you should put the filling. This recipe is for two meals, so put half of the mix with cheese and tomato. It will be like the next picture:

The next stage is cover the filling with another layer of potato. Most probably, you will have some extra potato, keep it for another recipe. Do exactly the same way that you did before. Cover the skillet with lid and let it cook for 10-12 minutes in low fire.

When one side is cooked and golden, you have to rotate your Swiss Potato. You can rotate it in another skillet (do not forget to grease your skillet), our use a plate and rotate at the same skillet that you are using.

Cook it for more 10-12 minutes. Moreover, rotate the skillet content in a plate. It is ready to eat!

Road Trip | Wildwood State Park

Blogging often compels me a lot of time that is why I cannot publish more often. Even though I do not work, I have to go to school daily, go to the gym and I am a homemaker. However, I love to share my good experiences online.

Last Saturday I went to Wildwood State Park, it is a camping, park and beach in Riverhead, New York. Riverhead is a town within Suffolk County, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. From my house in Queens, it takes a little bit more than one hour travelling by car. Wildwood State Park is a 767-acre (3.10 km2) and includes a beach on Long Island Sound. In addition, the beach is particularly beautiful, because it is a shingle beach.

Because it is a state park, you have to pay to get inside or to camp. The beach closes at the dusk. I like to go there with umbrella, chairs, and mat to enjoy the day. Despite the fact that they have a small restaurant, I always like to have my own healthy food because they sell fries, pizza and these kind of garbage.

Since it is a shingle beach, there is not a big crow. Pebbles are not comfortable to lay down in or to walk on. In addition, they allow fishing, and some spots have a disgusting fish smell.

I have been to this park several times, in all the seasons. I love to go there with my guests because I especially cherish to see the sunset on the beach. It is enchanting and when the sky is open, it allows us to take beautiful photos.

The water is colder than the average in Long Island Sound. However, if it is hot you can go inside, of course, it is better to immerge in the water as faster as possible, to avoid suffering.

On the other side of the beach, it has a hill and the lifeguards do not let people to go there because it is somewhat unsafe.

The camping is very organize and clean. The restrooms and showers are modern and good enough for being public. They wash the showers cabin daily. The sites are full of shares (from the trees) and they are big enough to give you some privacy.

I reserved my sport very close to the bathroom, so that I can have comfort when I want to use it.

Our spot, our tent and our tent.

At night, I love to light the torches, feel the forest smell blended with firewood. My husband also light our vegan barbecue.

Vegan pizza, onions and vegan burger.

The only thing that I do not like from this place is that they do not allow cats. I would be happier if I could have gone with Penélope, my cat.

Riverhead also has more attractions such as Walmart, Splish Splash Water Park and Tanger Outlet.

Road Trip | Hammonasset Beach State Park

If there is, one thing that I do not like is spending the summer in New York City. New York is too hot and humid, full of tourists and smelly streets. I would rather spend my summer days on the beach. Therefore, I have planned all my trips during the winter, to avoid high prices and sold out hotels.

My husband loves to go camping. He feels so well sleeping in the nature. In spite of the fact that I prefer to stay in a hotel room, I do not really mind to sleep in a tent. Actually, I had a cottage in a camping for several years.

Recently I went to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Masdison, Connecticut. It is about 1’30’’ from my home, in Queens, New York. Because it is in Long Island Sound, there are no waves. The weekend was very cloud, but the beach was so beautiful In addition, since I am a Brazilian, where the water is so warm, I felt the water was too cold. However, the beach was absolutely crowed. I hardly recommend if you want to go to this beach, enjoy it during the early morning hours.

The camping was not that good. The sites were small, without trees… forget natural shades. Few bathrooms and showers for the number of sites.

The beach was full of these pinkish flowers and those fruits. Also, I saw few wild rabbits, which my day happier.

The Hammonasset Beach State Park is located at 1288 Boston Post Rd, Madison, CT 06443. I booked my stay at ReseveAmerica.

Shopping at EBay is not THAT safe

I have been buying on line since I started to work in 2000.I do not remember when I start to use EBay, it was a long time ago in Brazil. Most time it works well. When I moved to New York in 2014, I had to create a new account and that is why I cannot say exactly when I did my first purchase. I`ve met good sellers, however sometimes I find people who want to fool the costumers and every time when I complain because I have a problem, I had my money back. It was like that until today.

I bought two sets of bikini from the same seller thanks4giving and I had two different problems:


I bought this silver bikini. Swimwear Swimsuit Monokini Beachwear Women Bikini Set Bandage Push Up Padded Bra

It is shine; the panty has hang gliding shape. I was excited to receive it, but when I opened the parcel, I saw this bikini on left. On pale gray color, the fabric had no shine, it was so thin that looks like a lining fabric. The rough elastic and the unrelated sizes. The panty could fit a small child and the bra an obese woman. I left a bad review for the seller, I want that people do not be foolish, but EBay took it from the seller page. Seemly there is some kind of protection for the sellers, and Ebay might help then to hide the real reviews. That is why the seller has a good grade and it was the reason that I have bought from them!

However, after I complain, EBay returned my money.


I bought this beautiful velvet bikini. Swimwear Velvet Tankini Bra Womens Bikini Swimsuit Bathing 2pcs Set

Mysteriously I received a dress, a very ugly dress, on the left. I thought the seller might change the product, because the colors are similar. When I complain to the seller that I got a dress instead of a set of bikini he said he did not have this kind of dress, I should be sure that It came from him. I was 100% sure, because it came with another product from the same store.

Since he was denning his ugly dress, I asked that I wanted my money back. I did not receive any answer and I wrote a negative review for him. Then, he sent a message.

I answer him that I could remove the bad feedback if he refunded me. No answers and refunds until now. Therefore, I decided to open a case at EBay. The price of the product is not high, but I do not think this kind of seller should be able to do business while they are not honest. And I was surprised with this message from EBay:

So, instead of refund me, they deleted my review that could help another victims like me. I got so frustrate with the final decision. Since I have received something, I should return it TO CHINA!

Yes, as you can see on my post I have talked with the seller before. In addition, He promised the full refund, so I waited for that. It is sad that the EBay do not look each bad case individually. They should read the messages between the client and the seller to avoid this kind of coment.

To send a parcel to China from New York it is very expensive. I prefer to keep this “theft”. My biggest concern is that, if you buy a jewelry and the seller send to you a piece of paper, since he has the track number and he had sent something, you, the buyer has to pay the expenses. EBay is unfortunately not safe. Please, take care before you buy on it. I used to look the reviews, but now I realized even them are fake. Please, share this post.

Enjoy the beach like a Brazilian

 : It has already been the time when the grandmothers used to stay at home crocheting. The new elderly look younger, have more resources or vanity and they really like to enjoy their lives like you or me. What am I saying that? Because in Brazil the two pieces bikini is very democratic. What does it mean? It signifies that girls and women from 0 to 100 wear bikini and nobody become shocked.

You might think that in Brazil everyone walks almost naked on the streets. It is not true. Topless, for example, is forbidden. However, I think Brazilians have different connection with the beach than Americans, for example. While Americans are very practical, Brazilians want to feel beautiful and powerful on the beach. Bikinis in Brazil have better quality, because the customers are more exigent  and they have better cut and finish. Yes, our swimsuits are bold, low-cut and expose more the body and no, Brazilian do not wear small beachwear just to expose their bodies to men.

The first reason for Brazilian tiny pieces is the sunburn. Despite the fact of Brazilian long summer, they really like to look dark all year round and big bikinis create huge stops on the skin. Many brands have tried to insert big cruise bikinis, but they were not successful.
The second reason is the comfort. I have to confess the first time that I have seen those tankinis I got surprised. I would say most probably very few people in Brazil could wear that. It is tacky, heavy, hot and conservative. Maybe some traditional evangelicals can consider wearing that if they create some sleeves, it is my only guess.



Another reason for not wearing enormous swimsuits is or on body. Big pieces spoil the body. How come? It has more fabric and cover more, how come it damage the body. I can explain it with my own photos, all of them from last summer.

This bikini is from a Turkish brand and have good size. Because it is small, it does not exposes my small but while when I wear a bigger size, I look completely flat. In addition, because the panty has a lot of fabric my belly looks much bigger. Who wants to have large belly and plane butt? Nobody, right?

Now you can see the difference between the white (above) and black (bellow) bikinis. The white my body looks younger, especially my butt, although in the black model my butt looks aged. It is not cool. Please, analyze my photos, and pay attention how enormous bikini can kill your confidence shape.

Moreover, do not say bikinis are for young girls. It is not true. In Brazil, it is democratic, remember? So, it is very common among the elderly women.

Bruna Lombardi is a Brazilian poet, writer, model, and film and TV actress. She is 64 years old.

Betty Faria is a Brazilian actress. She is 75 years old.

Susana Vieira is a Brazilian actress. She is 74 years old.

You might say they are actresses, and famous people do not count. Let me present my aunt, she will turn 70 next year. She is retired now, but she used to word as social worker. Yes, anonymous people go to beach on bikinis more often than famous people do, because they are anonymous and nobody will photography them and put on a gossip magazine.

Ah! You also can say they are skinny. Believe me or not, even obese people wear two pieces bikini and it is wonderful. I love when women fell confident and happy with their own body. You do not have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to be amazing.

Preta Gil is a Brazilian singer and actress. She is the daughter of Gilberto Gil, a famous musician and former Minister of Culture in Brazil. She is 42 years old.

Why am I saying that? Because I do believe that women and anybody can wear whatever they want. This religious feeling that creates a sin on the human body is something very delicate and destructive. Women should wear what they like, what they are comfortable, whats makes themselves to feel gorgeous. Cover the body with ugly and boring outfits would not make you slimmer. Other day I have received a question “how to hide the belly with bikinis”. There is way to let it more beautiful, but how to cover something while it is naked or with spandex? It is impossible, for this reason, just relax and be whoever you want on the beach.

Right now I am developing a large beachwear collection for my portfolio. I will not sell any of my pieces, however I will spoil my collection a little bit and show two outfits because I really loved the results. And of course, the designer, the cuts, the modeling and the confection are Brazilian. I did not write this post to convince you to buy my bikinis, especially because my bikinis are not in the market, but I want that you can have this amazing experience of being beautiful even on the beach. 




Baroque Fashion

The word Baroque was derived from the word Rococo which mean excessively elaborate. This was incredibly true in the Vintage Fashion Style of the Baroque period which was popular from 1650 until 1800. Many of the women’s dresses from this period were made famous by Marie Antoinette and Madame Pompadour.

This was considered the age of enlightenment in France and had a dramatic effect on fashion.Pastel colors with light styles took precedence. The dresses of this inimitable Vintage Fashion Style were incredibly elaborate with very wide hoops called panniers. These hoops extended out to the side and were considered to be the rage in fashion. Formal gatherings required the widest hoop where smaller versions were worn on a day to day basis.


The waistlines were so tight women used corsets to make their waists as small as possible. Thisprovided a beautiful contrast with the enormous skirts. This was when a plunging necklinebecame popular and skirts were opened down the front. The opening displayed a frillypetticoat, usually in a contrasting color.

A new type of sleeve was developed and became known as the pagoda sleeve. They wereextremely tight from the shoulder all the way down to the elbow. The bottom of the sleeve hada flare and was adorned with ribbons and lace.

One of the most popular dresses was called the Watteau gown. The back was quite loose and became a part of the large skirt as it draped down. This style featured a very tight bodice and was worn with a corset. Another popular dress was the robe à la française. This style featured a tight bodice with a very low cut at the neckline shaped in a deep square. The dress had large bows and ribbons running down the front and extremely wide panniers. The trim was lavish and consisted of flowers, ribbons and lace.

Another version of the same gown still retained the tight bodice but the large skirt was worn without panniers. The gown had a longer cut in the back and the result was the formation of a small train. A lace kerchief tied about the neck was the main accessory. Often these gowns were worn with a jacket that had a wide lapel and were quite short.

The chemise à la reine was a loose gown almost always in white. A brightly colored sash made of silk was tied about the waist. This gown was worn without a corset and showed off a woman’s figure. The dress was originally introduced by none other than Marie Antoinette and became a symbol of true liberation.

30 away to distinguish a New Yorker from a tourist


I have been living in New York for a while and every time that I get guests they always want to do something like New Yorker. However, it is very easy for a New Yorker to discover a visitor.

  1. When New Yorkers walk, they walk with intent. Some might call it quick paced or looking like they are in a rush. \however, New Yorkers call it knowing where you are going.
  2. New Yorker’s are always moving forward – They do not abruptly stop in the middle of the crowded sidewalk specially for taking a selfie.
  3. Tourists stopping at the top or bottom of stairs or escalators, or just outside a restaurant or shop door, to consult signs or a map, thus blocking everyone else. That will get you shoved in a place like Grand Central at rush hour.
  4. New Yorker’s do not look up while walking on the sidewalk, because they have already known all the sights.
  5. Jaywalking in Manhattan is an art that takes precision and practice, and every New Yorker does it. It is probably better if visitors do not do it. When walking on a diagonal across Manhattan, I play the “don’t stop” game — cross with the light at every intersection; never stop to wait for the light to change. If you end up having to stop because your destination is in the next block and you got caught at a red light, and crossing with the current green light would take you in the wrong direction, you lose.
  6. New Yorkers always walk on the right side of the sidewalks and always let the right side of stairs and escalators free for people that are on rush. If you do not respect this law, be ready for being insulting or at least be hit.
  7. New Yorker’s actively attempt to avoid the squares: Time Square, Washington Square, Union Square and all these tourists places.6_:
  8. New Yorker’s do not go to national food chains for their meals – EVER. Bubba Gump, Carmine’s, Hard Rock Café, Friday’s, Applebee’s, Red Labster, Cake Boss, Magnolia… or sport theme bars. There are over 24,000 restaurants in New York City, and if you tell me you ate at an Olive Garden, I might just punch you in the chest.
  9. New Yorker’s walk through the park as opposed to the sidewalks on the cut-troughs @ 65th, 79th, 86th or 96th.
  10. New Yorker’s know that an empty subway car on an otherwise crowded train is NOT a car they want to get into.
  11. New Yorker’s do not disturb celebrities that they see on the street, in a restaurant, on the subway, running in the park…
  12. New Yorker’s do not stare. If they initially appear to be looking in your direction or seemingly directly at you, you will likely get more of a feeling that they are looking past or even through you.
  13. However, if a New Yorker is caught in the rare situation of gawking (for example, on the subway); they will not avert their eyes.
  14. New Yorker’s will ignore things that most others would consider bizarre. For example, a person who begins screaming at his invisible lover while riding the downtown express train.
  15. Whatever the situation, New Yorker’s rarely appear lost – whether in location (street, subway, store), social situation (party, bar, restaurant) or during a business transaction.ELSA HOSK Hailing a Cab in New York:
  16. New Yorker’s do not attempt to hail occupied taxis. On top of every cab in NYC is a roof light. An available taxi is one where just the center numbers/letters are lit. These same lights are off when the taxi is already occupied.
  17. When hailing a cab, New Yorker’s do not yell “taxi.” They simply hold out our hand, much like the once used Olympic solute.
  18. New Yorker’s (when driving) obey the traffic signals. They do not “Turn right on red” and blowing a red light puts them in the direct path of other New York drivers who “gun the green.” I am referring to moving vehicles, as opposed to walkers. New York drivers are acutely aware of the tendency to gun the acceleration the moment the light turns green. The people blowing reds are generally from NJ.
  19. Real New Yorkers rarely drive in Manhattan and, when not given the choice, are pretty well behaved on the road, except cabs…which, as a rule, are some of the worse drivers in the city!
  20. New Yorker’s have learned to completely ignore anyone who attempts to: 1) hand them a flyer; 2) sell them candy to support their high school basketball team; 3) asks “Do you like comedy?” or; 4) holds a clipboard while standing on the sidewalk.
  21. New Yorker’s refer to the subway system ONLY by the numbers or letters of the train. For example, “Take the C to Times Square and then transfer to the 7 towards Grand Central.” The colors mean nothing to them.
  22. New Yorker’s demonstrate a unique queueing behavior which can be exceptionally efficient. Despite the number of available registers, New Yorker’s will form a single line whereby the front person goes to the next available register. Tourists often appear puzzled by this.
  23. New Yorker’s know their coffee and/or food order before they get to the head of a line. Tourists tend to dither and appear indecisive.
  24. New Yorkers love to be witness on subway bloopers. For example, when a group of tourists gets on the uptown “A” train at 59th Street, not realizing that the next stop is 125th Street. 59th Street is crowded, so groups of people do not stick out as much at first. By 86th Street, though, panic sets in and the confused travelers reveal themselves.[via bettingpro]:
  25. New Yorkers can notice tourists easily when they are sitting somewhere, and tehy start overhearing conversations: “I don’t know where Chelsea is, but…”
  26. People often ask for directions, locals and tourists alike, but it’s HOW the tourists ask directions: “Which way to the park?” “Oh, it’s one block east of here.” “No, the BIG park.” “Oh, the bigger park around here is Madison Square Park. North about 10 blocks.” “No, the really big park.” “Do you mean Central Park?” “Yes, that’s it!” Someone asked me how far Times Square is. I was in the Village, so I answered that it was about 40 blocks away. “Can I walk there?” “What’s your time frame?”
  27. There are also tourists who insist that they know what they are talking about: I made small talk with proud parents of an NYC college student. “Our friend lives at Stop #1 on this train.” We were on the A, so I asked, “Do you mean at 207th?” “No, at Stop #1.” If a tourist speaks, they reveal themselves.
  28. Someone else mentioned clothing. To be more specific, pastels and bright colors. Loose t-shirts and Bermuda shorts. This is practically a uniform in the Mid-Atlantic States, but a dead giveaway of a tourist in New York. New Yorkers wear black year round for any occasion. New Yorkers wear boots in the middle of summer.
  29. New Yorkers rarely leave their neighborhood. They still say “hello” to their coffee cart man, dry cleaner, grocer etc.
  30. New Yorkers usually waits for their subways close to the wall. First, to let the passengers circulate on the platform more safely and second, because being close to the gap is a risk. Sometimes people get crazy and throw the others in the rails.

Nevertheless, rest assured, New Yorkers are generally happy to help you find you way and I, personally, always stop to help tourists get a picture with a big landmark. New York is a city full of tourists and they coexist happily with the New Yorkers, unless they stop in front of them when they are in a hurry. Just kidding, mostly.

5 More Reasons Why I Love New York | The Huffington Post: